Empowering the individual & enhancing the personal healing experience.

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Isabelle’s mission is to encourage, inspire, and educate as many people as possible, to live life to their fullest, happiest and healthiest!!

She loves to help others experience a more accessible and effective approach to health and well-being.

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Using Systematic Kinesiology, Isabelle can help you to explore your inner self and elevate your self-awareness, while creating a counter-balance to the stresses of modern life.

Isabelle is passionate about helping her clients to create the transformation that they need in their lives, at their own pace in a safe environment.


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Stumbling across Systematic Kinesiology many years ago whilst experiencing a period of major personal and family stress, Isabelle noticed the benefits immediately; even after her first “balance”, she felt more energised, focused and motivated than ever before.



So profound were the shifts that she experienced after her first session, she was immediately empowered to make some profound life changes. Several years later she began her training as a Systematic Kinesiologist, and she has now been practising for 10 years.

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Find out from Isabelle today if Systematic Kinesiology is right for you - with no obligation to book an appointment.


Isabelle knows that Systematic Kinesiology has improved her overall health & well-being, as well as allowing her to cope better with the pressures and strains that modern life often challenges us with.

Her passion is to help others create more balance and well-being in their daily lives, whatever issues they are experiencing.

When minor health issues are not addressed, more serious health problems are at risk of developing. Whatever it is that you are experiencing, Isabelle can help you help to pinpoint the root cause and resolve it using the appropriate method. She can also help you find the necessary tools to maintain optimum health.

This is where she encourages her clients to develop an understanding about the power of breathing, mediation and yoga postures.

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Pathophysiology – Clinical Medicine – Understanding Disease from the Medical Aspect

Classical Kinesiology Institute

April 2016

T.A.S.K. Post Graduate Course in Advanced Kinesiology

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology

December 2009

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists (Level 3)


June 2009

T.A.S.K. Professional Practitioner Training Course

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology

January 2008

Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (Level 3)


July 2007

International Level 1 Instructor Certification in Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga Research Institute

July 2017

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