Life can be flowing and effortless



Is your life flowing how you would like it to?


Isn't life wonderful when it is effortless and we are flowing with it?  That is how it should be, but sometimes we need a little help.  All of us, including me.  I've been there, and there are still ups and downs, but I cope better as I grow with each new day.

Do you feel stressed, run down, overwhelmed or just not quite your usual self?  Discover Mind Body balance, restore harmony to your life and improve your general well-being with Kinesiology.

Using muscle response testing to identify imbalances in the body, we work on finding the root cause of the problem, whilst helping to alleviate the condition. This may include balancing the emotions using flower remedies and emotional stress release, chakra balancing, massage of lymphatic points, structural realignment as well as recommended dietary and lifestyle changes.

Whether you have a current or previous health complaint, however serious, you are the perfect candidate for Kinesiology. Muscle testing is safe, effective and perfect for all ages. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health or have a specific issue you wish to address, you are the ideal candidate for Kinesiology.  Get in touch for an initial free consultation to see if Kinesiology might be right for you. Clinic Locations: Dawn Lister Therapy Centre, Leigh on Sea or Ashlins Natural Health, London.

Isabelle Cooke