Ladies, learn to love your hormones and discover a happier you!



As a Kinesiologist I see many women struggling to find hormonal balance; as result they may suffer with terrible PMS, heavy & painful periods or an uncomfortable menopause. This may mean that they are using painkillers or medication, and are unable to enjoy life to the full at all times during their cycle. It really doesn't have to be like this. The good news is that finding the right balance is possible! It can take a bit of work however, and may involve making some changes to your lifestyle & diet. 


Using Kinesiology muscle testing & Kundalini Yoga I can help you regain your natural balance. How do we do this? By clearing emotional & physical blockages, as well as making sure that you are eating the right foods and taking any essential supplements to suit your body type. I will also introduce you to yoga techniques that will balance your reproductive organs from within, and enhance your radiance & femininity. 

What's not to love? 

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Isabelle Cooke