I have been seeing Isabelle for Kinesiology for a few months now and I am feeling much much better than before! After allowing things to get on top of me for most of 2016, I realised that I needed to take action before things spiralled out of control. Isabelle is a great therapist and I felt at ease with her immediately. Kinesiology is a fantastic all around therapy as it is so specific to the individual that is being tested. The human body is amazing and so intricate and I think that kinesiology is just the right therapy to work with the body and allow natural healing to take place. Through muscle testing, your particular issues (nutritional, emotional, structural etc) can be revealed and then take the appropriate action can be taken. Techniques such as ESR are very powerful and you can often get immediate relief from some symptoms right there in the session. I always walk out of my sessions feeling as light as a feather. I can highly recommend Isabelle for Kinesiology and I will definitely be returning 🙂

RP – London

Isabelle is fantastic. She has looked after me so well, and helped rebalance an overly stressed body. Treatment with her is thorough and calming.

MB – London 

I am so thankful that I found Isabelle Cooke as I had been suffering with leaky gut, candida and emotional issues. At my first session I felt so uplifted and confident and immediately began to realise that I was holding on to things that were keeping me from being well.

I had been to other similar professionals but Isabelle is an amazing kinesiologist who has changed my life. I don’t know what I would have done without her. Thank you Isabelle”.

JH – London

I had been suffering severely from depression for over 10 years, unaware for much of this time how unwell I was or what exactly was wrong. I had tried many different therapies which had helped to a certain extent, but had not made a massive impact. It was not until I started to have Systematic Kinesiology with Isabelle, that I really noticed things were shifting. Systematic Kinesiology is unlike other therapies, and it is not always easy to understand how it works, however the effects have been dramatic and I am beginning to get my life back, which I attribute mainly to these sessions with Isabelle.

Kinesiology can help with a wide variety of complaints, and this is evident in the fact that it has also got rid of my stiff back. Overall, my energy levels are higher than ever, my diet has improved, and I have now regained my enthusiasm for life. Whatever it is you need help with, I would highly recommend trying Systematic Kinesiology with Isabelle.

VT – Essex

Kinesiology? what’s that? My first response when Isabelle told about her work; having been treated by her over the last four months, I cannot recommend it highly enough; natural remedies for conditions that I had thought untreatable, sleeping so much better, weight loss, and general improvement in mood, FANTASTIC!

JM – Essex

I found Isabelle to be a true, caring professional. I was putting on weight without over eating, tired and not absorbing information properly.  A thyroid imbalance was discovered. After a few days of taking kelp, I have much more energy,hair is shining and i feel like i am no longer accumulating weight.

My 9 year old son had a kinesiology balance too. He had developed a phobia of going into the underground to travel. Three days after his kinesiology balance, we travelled to Hyde Park. From the hysterical fear of the tube trip the Sunday before, he was quite surprised to be totally free of phobia. Kinesiology – way forward.

JS – London

It has been 3 days now since my kinesiology treatment with Isabelle and I have to say I am feeling so, so much better. The supplements and remedies recommended have really made a difference to my stress levels in such a short time. I really feel like I can cope with the situations that have been bothering me.

Thank you Isabelle x

AW – Essex

My review is sort of a two parter.

Firstly, with regards to using aloe vera gel: I have suffered for over 10 years with IBS. In October (after meeting and chatting at length with Isabelle), I began taking the aloe gel every morning and, to make sure it was definitely the aloe, I changed nothing else about my habits for 4 weeks. After 2-3 weeks of taking it I noticed a massive improvement in my ‘digestive processes’ (without giving too much detail!). Things began to balance out and I was a lot more comfortable. An unexpected side effect was that I began to sleep better and had so much more energy. My skin also improved. I have been taking the aloe ever since. Amazing stuff!

Secondly, with regard to the systematic kinesiology: I had a single 60 minute session with Isabelle who, I’d like to add, is very friendly, approachable and incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about SK. I didn’t really know much about SK but I’m open to new ideas and therapies and was keen to give it a try. Isabelle was able to identify several problem areas but the one I found had the most immediate effect was the work she did relating to my digestive system. She released a blocked valve or two and I felt the benefits straight away. I still don’t fully understand how it all works but it certainly does work! I will be booking up for some more sessions.
Thank you Isabelle!

HW – Essex

I have been drinking Aloe Vera Gel for 3 months now, and have experienced a tremendous improvement to my skin, digestion & overall health. I am in a wheelchair, and my condition has severely impacted my digestion. The aloe vera has allowed me to stop taking medication prescribed by my consultant specifically for my bowels. I have also using the bee pollen which has cleared up an allergic reaction on my skin. I also use the skincare range which is excellent for helping with skin problems which are synonymous with being in a wheelchair. I fully recommend the Forever range and Isabelle has been incredibly helpful in assisting me in finding the right products to help improve my health.

LF – London

I had my third Kinesiology treatment with Isabelle today and feel remarkably better for it. I am more calm, restored and the discomfort in my lower back has eased a lot. Can highly recommend My Balanced Health and am looking forward to my next session.

CF – Essex

I’ve started drinking Aloe Vera gel as part of a balanced diet and healthier me and two weeks in, already feel less bloated and mentally switched on! 

A long way to go yet but with Isabelle’s help and guidance I’m feeling much more positive… Give it a go!

HB – Essex

I was introduced to Aloe Vera Gel drink by Isabelle Cooke who runs “My Balanced Health” about 8 months ago, and since then I started drinking one small glass every morning on an empty stomach, and after all this time I can give my own impressions. 

To be honest the taste is not the greatest but it’s quite acceptable and you do get use to it, and it’s sweet and not that bad at all at the end, comparing to the all benefits you can get from this powerful herb.

The Aloe Vera Gel drink has so many benefits such as infuses you with energy, hydrates your skin, it helps fight diseases by supporting the immune system, is good for internal health, is high in vitamins & minerals, help to detoxify the body, and many more.

For me, what I’ve noticed most is that is really improving the immune system; I didn’t get any bad cold or flu since I’ve started drinking it, and I used to get it a lot during the autumn/winter even in the summer. 

They also claim that it cleanses and supports your digestive system, and for my own experience I can say that since I started drinking it my morning visits to the toilet are far more fragrant!
Highly recommended!

RS – London

I had a Kinesiology treatment with Isabelle yesterday. What an amazing woman! Extensively knowledgeable in a host of areas, she gave me great confidence in her ability to ‘sort me out’. I left feeling that a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders – literally. I will definitely be seeing her again and would highly recommend her services whatever the ailment.

JH – Essex

“I originally sought help through Kinesiology for a muscular back problem, but later realised that it can help with so many other things, such as anxiety and stress. I’d never even heard of Kinesiology, but Isabelle explained it really well, which made me want to find out more.

After having a few treatments I feel more relaxed and energized, which in turn has helped my back problem. I generally feel more balanced you might say. Isabelle’s friendly and welcoming approach makes Kinesiology something that is definitely worth giving a try!”

WW – Essex

“I had been experiencing low to medium level back pain for many years. I had seen my GP, had scans done, seen a specialist and tried acupuncture. I was either told nothing was wrong or that I would have to live with the pain. When Isabelle offered to carry out a risk assessment, I took her up on it, not expecting much to change but within a few days, the pain had left me. As it turned out, the pain was due to poor posture and incorrect table/chair/computer/phone set up at my desk. Isabelle corrected all the mistakes and gave me excellent advice and suggestions on how to maintain good posture.

Back pain for a long period of time affects quality of life. I was really very impressed at how quickly Isabelle recognised where I had gone wrong and how efficiently and professionally she had corrected it. I’ve been pain-free ever since.”

SM – Essex

Isabelle recently visited my workplace to assess my posture and set-up. She was extremely kind and helpful. She gave me some excellent advice to help my lower back and neck pain and my posture has greatly improved since her visit.

She recommended equipment that would benefit me at work, such as monitor risers and a foot rest and my employers purchased them straight away.

Isabelle went out of her way to send me additional yoga videos via email.

I would thoroughly recommend Isabelle

AS  – Essex

The risk assessment and ergonomic setup I received from Isabelle Cooke was wholly satisfying. I am now confident that I can maintain a healthy posture at my work station and, thanks to the additional resources supplied, will be able to take this with me wherever I sit in the future. 

Isabelle managed to work efficiently with minimal impact to my schedule and I would recommend her to anybody wanting a long and healthy work life.

RE – Essex