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Why You Should Try Kinesiology. Part 1: Prevention is Better than Cure.

In Kinesiology we use very powerful techniques which can give relief to all sorts of conditions. People will frequently see a Kinesiologist because they are suffering from one specific ailment.  It may be that after just one or 2 “balances” (sessions) they feel great and resume their lives as before.  This can be wonderful to see, but let’s not forget that prevention is better than cure.

Did you know that regular kinesiology balancing can help you stay happy & healthy?  We all know that routine maintenance works for vehicles & machinery, but we don’t all apply this rule to the human body. We all lead such busy lives these days, and getting a perfectly balanced diet and the right amount of exercise is not always easy.

At times we may begin to find ourselves affected, either physically or emotionally, by the pressures, strains, stresses and traumas of modern life. When these build up we may not feel at our best.  For example, we might find that we feel tired, run down or depressed. Or we might experience physical aches & pains or digestive problems.

If we allow these problems to linger then we can become really unwell.  Routine Kinesiology balances will help to relieve these & prevent more serious problems from developing.

Check this list to see how healthy you really are:


A Clear Mind
Optimistic Outlook

A pain & symptom free body
Good restful natural sleep
Joints & muscles flex with ease

Balanced & Nutritious Diet
Regular & healthy bowel movements
No reliance on drugs or stimulants

Consistent energy levels upon awakening & throughout the day

Are you experiencing all of these symptoms of vibrant health each day? It is fair to say that many of us will struggle to maintain optimum health all the time, and this is where Kinesiology can be an invaluable tool for you, your family & friends.


Systematic Kinesiology with Isabelle Cooke: Empowering the individual & enhancing the personal healing experience.


Ladies, learn to love your hormones & discover a happier you

As a Kinesiologist I see many women struggling to find hormonal balance; as result they may suffer with terrible PMS, heavy & painful periods or an uncomfortable menopause. This may mean that they are using painkillers or medication, and are unable to enjoy life to the full at all times during their cycle. It really doesn’t have to be like this. The good news is that finding the right balance is possible! It can take a bit of work however, and may involve making some changes to your lifestyle & diet.
Using Kinesiology muscle testing & Kundalini Yoga I can help you regain your natural balance. How do we do this? By clearing emotional & physical blockages, as well as making sure that you are eating the right foods and taking any essential supplements to suit your body type. I will also introduce you to yoga techniques that will balance your reproductive organs from within, and enhance your radiance & femininity.
What’s not to love?
Message me for more information.

Life can be flowing and effortless.

Is your life flowing how you would like it to?

Isn’t life wonderful when it is effortless and  we are flowing with it?  That is how it should be, but sometimes we need a little help.  All of us, including me.  I’ve been there, and there are still ups and downs, but I cope better as I grow with each new day.

Do you feel stressed, run down, overwhelmed or just not quite your usual self?  Discover Mind Body balance, restore harmony to your life and improve your general well-being with Kinesiology.

Using muscle response testing to identify imbalances in the body, we work on finding the root cause of the problem, whilst helping to alleviate the condition. This may include balancing the emotions using flower remedies and emotional stress release, chakra balancing, massage of lymphatic points, structural realignment as well as recommended dietary and lifestyle changes.

Whether you have a current or previous health complaint, however serious, you are the perfect candidate for Kinesiology. Muscle testing is safe, effective and perfect for all ages. Whether you are looking to improve your overall health or have a specific issue you wish to address, you are the ideal candidate for Kinesiology.  Get in touch for an initial free consultation to see if Kinesiology might be right for you. Clinic Locations: Dawn Lister Therapy Centre, Leigh on Sea or Ashlins Natural Health, London.